Warzone expert JGOD explains most important tip to improve aim on controller

Nathan Warby
Warzone JGOD with PS5 controller

Regardless of which weapon you’re running in Warzone, having a good aim is essential if you want constantly score big kills and claim the victory. Warzone expert JGOD has explained how to improve your aim drastically while playing on console.

For all the talk of the best loadouts or buffs and nerfs, the fact is that it’s almost impossible to win a match on Warzone if you’re aim isn’t up to scratch.

Warzone players on console have always felt like they’re at a disadvantage compared to PC players in this area. The accuracy of a mouse and keyboard as well as the lack of an FOV slider means that players on Xbox and PlayStation can often feel like they’re fighting a losing battle.

Luckily, Warzone expert JGOD has broken down the things the simple things that players often get wrong when aiming on console.

Warzone player aiming
Weapon setups are one thing, but keeping your aim straight is crucial in Warzone.

Warzone console players are locked at an 80 FOV, far less than the 120 available on PC, meaning the Xbox and PlayStation users are naturally more zoomed in. This means console fans are subject to more visual recoil, making shooting in a straight line more of a challenge.

In his May 9 video, JGOD outlined an easy way for console players to make their aim more accurate, especially at long-range. He gave us a detailed explanation of each one, then demonstrated each tip in action.

JGOD explains how to improve aim in Warzone

Many controller players will naturally use the right stick to adjust their aim during combat, as this feels like the most natural way to do things. However, JGOD explained that it’s easy to “over adjust” when aiming this way, so he recommended using the left stick to aim.

By using the movement stick to strafe while firing, he felt it was far simpler to make micro-adjustments to your aim to keep the sights locked on the target. This is because moving the right stick slightly shifts the aim drastically in any direction, while the left stick offers more precise movement.

Meanwhile, he advised that players use the right stick to “find the zero,” a point where recoil all but disappears while firing. This is done by pulling slightly down on the right analog stick while firing on a fixed position.

By combing these two tips, JGOD explained that players’ aim will be barely moving, even in long-range firefights. In fact, he demonstrated that big movements from the right stick should be used when snapping onto a new target, and then players should go back back to finding that zero recoil sweet spot.

This technique is extremely effective when you factor in the aim assist that controller players benefit from. Strafing to aim offers more rotational aim assist anywhere up to 200m, so the assist will actually be stronger and easier to stay locked into.

So, the next time you drop into Caldera or Rebirth Island, be sure to take JGOD’s advice on board. With a little practice and our recommended controller settings, you’ll be hitting every shot in no time.

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