Warzone dev explains why they still haven’t added FOV slider to console


A Warzone developer has explained why they still haven’t introduced a Field of View slider to consoles, even claiming that adding the feature would make the game “more toxic of an experience” for some players.

Ever since Warzone first launched back in March 2020, the entire console player base has called for more freedom over Field of View, or FOV, in the battle royale hit.

While the feature is available for PC players, allowing them to expand their field of vision and see the wider periphery, console players have been stuck at 80 FOV since launch.

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This does give PC players an advantage, which can be especially cumbersome in the age of crossplay, the devs have failed to bring console players their biggest wish.

Warzone player holding gun in Caldera tower with Warzone logo in top right cornerActivision
FOV slider has been a long-standing request from the Warzone community.

During a live Q&A with popular Warzone streamer Swagg, the FaZe Clan star asked about the possibility of FOV options for console players in the future — but the news might not be what players wanted.

“We still have a very large portion of our players coming in on previous-gen consoles,” the dev explained. “If we allow it, then it’s a slider to lower your frame rate, and introduce potential bugs and crashes.”

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He continued: “If we just allow it on next-gen consoles, the concern we have is that it keeps further widening the skill gap. It’s hard to dispute, for us at least, that a wider FOV allows you to see more, and if a large proportion of our audience is on last-gen, they’re at a detriment now and everyone else is cranked. I worry that we’re going to make it even more toxic of an experience.”

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With Warzone 2 rumored to be coming out in the not-too-distant future, players will be hoping that a FOV slider will finally be available on console when it releases.

Whether that happens, though, remains to be seen, but if you’re a PlayStation or Xbox player still waiting for a FOV slider, it sounds like you’ll be waiting quite a long time.

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