Warzone 2 players split as devs consider further TTK changes

Shay Robson
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The Warzone 2 community is split as the developers are considering further changes to the battle royale’s TTK.

For as long as Warzone’s been around, the community has always been up in arms with the game’s TTK, with it regularly sparking discussion.

For those that are unfamiliar, TTK, or time-to-kill, refers to the amount of time it takes for any given weapon to kill an opponent. While some players prefer it to be faster, meaning it takes less time to take down an enemy, others prefer it to be slower, giving you more time to react in a gunfight.

The devs have made tweaks to TTK over time, and now an in-game survey has suggested they’re considering further changes to the mechanic — but the community is torn.

Warzone 2 fans torn with devs considering more TTK changes

In a July 21 Reddit thread, Warzone fan ‘bugistuta’ shared a screenshot showing a new in-game survey asking for player feedback on the game’s time-to-kill.

The player explained they were hit with the survey post-match, right after they were gunned down by an enemy using dual pistols.

“Based on the match you just played, what do you think of the amount of time it takes to kill an enemy (TTK or Time-To-Kill) when engaged in a fight?” the survey asks and gives players five options to pick from, ranging from “far too fast” to “far too slow”

While some believe the TTK in its current state is fine, others in the thread expressed that it’s far too fast.

“TTK should be slower, end of debate. You want it faster? Play multiplayer instead,” one wrote. “It’s way too fast. I get vaporized in .2 seconds,” another added.

One player explained that their issue mainly lies with specific weapons, explaining that machine pistols and snake shots are too powerful. “TKK is fine except for the machine pistols and snake shots which are both busted,” they said.

“I was asked this morning. Answered just right,” one player wrote in a separate Twitter discussion.

It’s unclear when the devs will implement the feedback they receive, but it sure is nice to see them listening to the community’s thoughts.