Warzone 2 devs address community TTK concerns

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In a call with content creators, Infinity Ward and Raven Software talked to WhosImmortal and others about the community’s Warzone 2 TTK concerns.

Warzone 2 players have been critical of the game’s time-to-kill speed (TTK), which is the amount of time it takes for a person to kill or get killed by an opponent. Some community members believe WZ2’s TTK is too fast, resulting in gunfights coming down to who shoots first.

JGOD compared the TTK speed of every Warzone season and concluded that WZ2’s long-range TTK is actually in a good place, while close-range engagements are a problem, and players die too fast.

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The Warzone 2 developers gave content creators the inside scoop on their decision-making behind the game’s TTK speed.

Infinity Ward explains thought process behind Warzone 2 TTK

Warzone Season 2 began on February 15.

Before the launch of Season 2, Infinity Ward and Raven Software spoke to content creators about content plans for Season 2, 3, and beyond.

WhosImmortal broke down the possibility of TTK changes in the future.

“When it comes to the TTK, the spot it’s at now is a good medium ground, but it’s not something set in stone. It could evolve over time, but there are consequences to how you tweak the TTK.”

The YouTuber elaborated, “when you slow down the TTK, Infinity Ward said that their data shows it hurts a wider variety of players and is going to have a larger impact on the casual player base when you slow down the overall TTK.”

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WhosImmortal gave an example of a weapon killing in 800 milliseconds instead of 600. An increased TTK favors skilled players because players with worse aim would struggle to take down enemies as consistently.

The developers fear hurting most of their player base in favor of appealing to a small percentage of competitive players.

“Infinity Ward and Raven’s stance on the TTK is that they are aware of how many people are asking for changes to it, but they have to consider their options in both directions of who it affects most.”

WhosImmortal didn’t rule out TTK changes in the future but told players not to get their hopes up when it comes to drastic changes.

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