Warzone devs respond to broken Buy Station bug in November 3 update

Jacob Hale
warzone buy station with warzone logoActivision

The November 3 Warzone update made a number of bug fixes in the game, but also seems to have broken Buy Stations in the process, making things significantly harder for players.

While the November 3 update wasn’t a big one by any means, just addressing a few issues with weapon camos, operators and the like, but it’s done some harm to the game too.

With the Vanguard premiere happening just before the update, the issues it created seemed to fly under the radar for some, but before long players noticed a distinct issue every time they dropped in.

When picking your drop, your decisions can often be swayed by the locations of a Buy Station nearby — but what if there aren’t any at all?

Warzone loadout dropRaven Software
This bug is making loadout drops even harder to get.

Buy Stations disappear in Warzone update

After the update, multiple players have reported that there are no Buy Stations when they drop in. Not only that, but others have said the Buys are slowly appearing across the map as the game goes on.

“There were no buy stations on the map when I dropped,” said Sudden_Giraffe on Reddit. “Just after the first loadout, some appeared. Later more appeared. I grabbed a Supply Run contract and it pointed to a spot on the map where there was no buy station.

“I thought is maybe just a bug for me, but I didn’t hear any ‘Enemy UAV overhead’ callouts and people I killed all had lots of money, so it’s either intentional or a bug affecting everybody.”

This was corroborated by dartgoblinisthebest, who showed a screenshot of his map after dropping in, with no Buy Stations on it.

Warzone devs address broken Buy Stations

It didn’t take long for devs Raven Software to catch wind of the bug, and posted a tweet about it within hours.

Confirming that the change was not intentional, Raven simply said that “It’s a bug and we’re looking into it.”

Hopefully, this bug doesn’t last too long, as it’s becoming a serious pain for players. We all know the struggle of finding $10k to buy our loadouts — now it’s just become even harder.