Lil Jon clowned by Scump, Karma for his CoD skills at Vanguard world premiere

A picture of Lil Jon on stage at the Vanguard reveal event next to a picture of Scump on streamActivision / Twitch: Scump

While the Call of Duty Vanguard World Premiere was supposed to highlight this year’s new release, Lil Jon stole the show with his hilarious gameplay, and stars like Scump and Karma couldn’t hold back their laughter.

To celebrate the release of CoD Vanguard, Activision hosted a World Premiere event on November 3 featuring some big celebs. What started with CouRage missing all his shots in an early campaign run, then led to a multiplayer showcase with various rappers, CDL pros, and streamers going head to head.

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From Big Sean to Lil Tecca and Cellium and SlahseR, lobbies were stacked with big names and talented stars across the board. Though one player in particular looked as though he was holding a controller for the first time.

Lil Jon set the internet on fire with his hilarious POV session. Not only were fans cracking jokes about his gameplay, so too were many of CoD’s biggest names.

All up, the rapper managed to secure one kill across roughly 30 minutes of action. But his K/D ratio alone isn’t what had everyone in stitches; it was Lil Jon’s moment-to-moment gameplay that had many “begging” for a dedicated stream of his footage. 

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“He just mounted off spawn, what’s he doing?” Methodz joked in Scump’s own Twitch stream. The entire group erupted in laughter as Lil Jon tried to hone in his aim with absolutely no threat nearby.

“Look at him, what’s he doing?” the veterans asked during the next map as Lil Jon repeated the same tactic to no avail. “I love it,” Scump said while in tears as the celeb started shooting at walls, trucks, and even just thin air.

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“I’m a drinker, not a gamer,” Lil Jon responded on Twitter once the comedy act came to a close. “Star of the show,” competitive legend Karma chimed in to thank him for the laughs.

Although we only got to see a few maps from the rising CoD star Lil Jon, he certainly left an impression. For many, his antics were the highlight of the Vanguard World Premiere.

If you’re trying to replicate his next-level gameplay, be sure to brush up on everything there is to know about Vanguard before jumping in.

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