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Warzone devs confirm five major Perk changes now live after secret update

Published: 29/Mar/2022 6:00 Updated: 29/Mar/2022 5:12

by Brad Norton


Five enormous Warzone Perk changes are now confirmed to be in effect after a number of content creators spotted some secret adjustments in the latest update. From a hefty Ghost nerf to an E.O.D. buff, here’s all you need to know.

Following on from Warzone’s Season 2 Reloaded update, players began noticing a few odd changes under the hood, many of which went unmentioned in the latest patch notes.

Leading the charge was TrueGameData, who exposed a surprise nerf to the integral Ghost Perk. Then, JDOG was next to follow as the Warzone veteran uncovered more secret Perk changes, this time to both Quick Fix and Restock.


While players were left scratching their heads for a few hours, Raven Software finally addressed the silent changes with a March 28 update. All of the above Perks have indeed changed, for better or worse, and a few others have also been tweaked as part of a rebalancing effort in Warzone.

cod warzone caldera POI
Five secret Perk changes were confirmed on March 28, opening the door for bigger gameplay adjustments in the weeks to come.

Five Perks in total now function differently following the latest Warzone patch. Scavenger, Restock, E.O.D., and Quick Fix have all been buffed, while Ghost received the lone nerf.

Most of the buffs were applied for similar reasons, as many were “originally built for a multiplayer experience,” Raven explained. Thus, they’re not typically seen as the best fit for a battle royale.


As a result, they’ve been upgraded in a number of ways to help contend with staple Warzone picks. Quick Fix, for instance, now comes with an added bonus of health regeneration while armoring up, which could drastically change the outcome of any given gunfight.

Meanwhile, Ghost has been scaled back somewhat after growing “stronger” with the arrival of Caldera. Moving forward, the stealth effect of the Perk will only apply when you’re in motion. If your Operator is standing still for even a moment, expect to be visible on enemy radars.

Warzone Perks
E.O.D. now reduces even more explosive damage, following buffs to lethal equipment in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

These key Perk changes appear to be just the start of Raven’s bigger plans for Warzone in its third year. While not much to go off, additional Perks could be overhauled in the very near future.


“The changes observed today represent a glimpse of what is to come in Season Three,” Raven teased.

The full list of Warzone Perk changes is as follows:

  • Scavenger
    • The pouch will now have a cyan outline for those with Scavenger equipped.
    • Increased dissipation time from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
    • The pouch now gives a +1 Armor Plate on top of previous items.
    • Text update.
  • Restock
    • Recharge time reduced from 50 seconds to 25 seconds.
    • Stim is now on a 60-second timer to reduce spam and gas abuse.
    • Incorrect in-game text “50s” will be updated in a future update.
  • E.O.D.
    • E.O.D. will reduce damage or cap the damage whichever is higher.
    • Raised cap on explosive damage from 80 to 200.
    • Raise damage reduction from 35% to 45%.
    • Text update.
  • Quick Fix
    • Inserting an Armor Plate will now begin regenerating health.
    • Text update.
  • Ghost
    • The “Ghost” stealth effect will now only apply if the Player is moving.
    • Players can observe this via the arrow representing their Operator in the minimap fading when “Ghost” is active.
    • A text update will be coming in the future to clarify these changes.
  • Updated tooltip text for the following Perks:
    • Tune Up
    • Kill Chain
    • Pointman
    • Hardline