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JGOD discovers “significant” secret Warzone buffs to Quick Fix and Restock perks

Published: 28/Mar/2022 22:00

by Jaret Kappelman


As Warzone players continue to find new things in Season 2 Reloaded, JGOD has discovered enormous silent buffs to both the Quick Fix in Restock perks, making both overpowered. 

With Warzone players developing new strategies for the all-inclusive battle royale experience, we could see a shift in the meta.

While some weapons could become more popular, there is also some up and coming perks in the works as well.

Recently in Warzone, TrueGameData found that Ghost had been silently nerfed, and now JGOD has discovered that Quick Fix and Restock got a similar treatment.

Warzone Quick Fix and Restock secret buffs

In a tweet on March 28, JGOD revealed that two perks have been “buffed significantly in Warzone” and was never marked in the patch notes.


The first was Quick Fix, which now will start healing a person immediately after they start using armor plates. JGOD tested this in a game and the results are crazy.

Quick Fix will now regenerate your health about two seconds faster than without it, which could make it one of the most essential perks in Warzone.

According to WZRanked, the perk ranks in the bottom half of the first perk slot, but with this now letting you rechallenge someone faster, it could be extremely necessary.

On the other hand, Restock also saw a hefty buff sneak into the battle royale. The perk now works twice as fast – with the exception of Stims – to refill any equipment. Previously, it would take 25 seconds for things to recharge, but now it has been cut in half.


This makes things like stuns and snapshot grenades a lot more viable in most scenarios, as you will be able to “spam” them more often.

Much like the Ghost secret nerf, these went unnoticed by Raven Software, which remains a mystery to the community. However, these buffs are indeed live in the current patch, so you can start using these in your next game.