Warzone demon gun glitch still impacting Vanguard nine months after launch

Brad Norton
CoD demon gun glitch

Warzone’s infamous ‘demon gun glitch,’ a bizarre texture issue morphing weapons into indecipherable objects, has spread across into CoD Vanguard and is still impacting even new camos nine months out from launch.

Arguably the most iconic Warzone bug in the game’s brief history is the demon gun glitch. At various stages throughout both Verdansk and Caldera, this confusing problem has left players unable to shoot straight due to insane texture issues on their weapon of choice.

While the bug was initially limited to the Battle Royale itself, it soon spread into the latest mainline release. Just weeks after Vanguard launched at the tail end of 2021 and the community reported this particular gripe had transferred across to the new multiplayer game.

Although dozens of updates have since looked to squash various bugs across the board, the demon gun glitch appears to live on nine months after launch.

In the midst of a casual multiplayer game on August 14, Reddit user ‘EPURON’ encountered the glitch. Attempting to aim down sights with their weapon prove all but pointless as textures clogged much of the screen and obscured their view.

With the bug in effect, hipfire was seemingly the most effective strategy, even with a long-range AR in hand. Amusingly enough, the bug only grew more out of control in a killcam after the player ran out in the open. From the opposing POV, nothing but random, jittery textures filled the screen.

This particular instance of the glitch occurred with a relatively new Blueprint in hand, one themed around Season 3’s Godzilla vs Kong event. It just so happened to be the first time this player ran into the “ridiculous” issue on Vanguard, they revealed.

So even with multiple seasons having been and gone, a number of sizable updates deployed to fix key issues, and Vanguard’s time in the sun almost coming to an end, the demon gun glitch is still in effect to some degree.

As Modern Warfare 2 draws near, it’s only a matter of time before a majority of the CoD player base jumps to the latest title. Whether Sledgehammer will fix this Vanguard bug in time, however, remains to be seen.