Warzone controller players angered by “ridiculous” disconnect issue

James Busby
Xbox controller on Warzone Caldera background

A Warzone Caldera controller bug is forcing Xbox players out of lobbies, leading to some incredibly frustrating issues. 

Warzone players on Xbox are reporting that a new controller issue is forcing them to completely abandon games. This is obviously a huge issue for those that run out of power mid-game, particularly when it happens during a firefight or winning play. 

While each Warzone season has had its fair share of strange bugs and weird visual glitches, the most problematic are those that disrupt the onscreen action. In fact, this frustrating controller issue can completely ruin your chances of securing that all-important win. 

The developers recently highlighted a number of fixes and adjustments that would be coming to Caldera, but the game’s controller disconnect problem has yet to make it on the list. 

Warzone controller disconnect issue ruins games

Warzone Pacific Caldera map
Warzone’s Caldera map is causing problems for controller players.

In most multiplayer games, a controller disconnect is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. While scrambling for a new battery pack or plugging the controller into the console can be annoying, it doesn’t completely end your game. 

Well, this doesn’t appear to be the case for Xbox Warzone players. As of writing, a number of Xbox Series X users have reported that controller disconnects are forcing them to leave live games since the Caldera map update. 

Even if they manage to put new batteries in their controller or set up a wired connection, the game doesn’t seem to detect the hardware. “Once the controller is connected again, it doesn’t detect it in-game,” said one frustrated player. “I had to quit out the game completely mid-match.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, the disconnect issue appears to be affected by headsets as well. “I turned my headset off mid-game due to me not being able to talk to my teammates, and I got the same controller error,” explained Drainsta. “This whole game seems pretty buggy on Xbox right now.”

It’s currently unknown whether this controller issue is impacting PlayStation and PC users, but hopefully, Raven Software can come up with a quick fix.