NICKMERCS explains why Warzone’s old map was better than Caldera


Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his thoughts on Warzone’s new Caldera map and how he thinks it compares to Verdansk. 

NICKMERCS has weighed in on the Warzone Caldera debate, giving his honest opinions on the game’s new jungle setting. So far, the reactions have been fairly negative, with the likes of Aydan and Dr Disrespect voicing their concerns over how the map plays. 

Even Warzone’s wider community has remained largely unimpressed, with many recently showing their lack of excitement over the upcoming changes. Despite the initial excitement surrounding Caldera, Nick has listed all the things he loves and hates about the recent map release. 

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NICKMERCS gives thoughts on Warzone Caldera map

Nick recently gave his thoughts on Warzone’s Caldera map.

While Nick has been busy grinding competitive Apex Legends, the popular streamer returned to Warzone to check out Caldera. The popular streamer previously explained why Caldera won’t change his mind on being “done” with Warzone, but he has now revealed his opinions on Verdansk’s replacement. 

“Gun in Verdansk are 9 out of 10, on Caldera, they’re a 3 out of 10,” explained Nick. “The vehicles in Verdansk are 10 out 10, they’re some of the best vehicles I have played in any video game in my entire life. Caldera is a -1.”

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It’s clear Nick isn’t a huge fan of Caldera, but the streamer did rate the map itself slightly higher than Verdansk. “Verdansk was dark, but it was very comfortable, there were a lot of great POIs. I’ll give it a strong 7. I’m giving Caldera an early 8.” 

One of the biggest negatives surrounding the new map has been how Vanguard’s weapons underperform when compared to their Modern Warfare and Cold War counterparts. “They’re so bad, it’s not even comparable to what we were playing with. It’s because we’re in 1930, man.”

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Whether Nick will play more Warzone in the future remains to be seen, but like most streamers, he doesn’t seem too impressed with Caldera.

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