Warzone clip shows just how broken melee is

Warzone mace melee weaponTreyarch/Activision

Melee damage in Warzone has always been a heated topic in the community and a recent viral clip of a player getting one hit has only added fuel to the flames.

While the majority of Warzone players prefer taking down their enemies with a meta SMG or AR, there are a few that like to use their fists, especially just after dropping into a map.

When everyone is scrambling to find a weapon, it can be extremely effective to melee your opponents as the attacks deal a serious amount of damage.

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This strategy has begun to cause a lot of frustration in the community, with players claiming melee attacks have become outright broken and impossible to counter at the start of a match.

Now, a clip has gone viral showcasing how easy it is to take down an enemy from full health with just melee, and players are calling for nerfs.

Warzone melee sniper knifeTreyarch/Activision
Melee has always been a controversial topic in Warzone.

Warzone players call for nerf to “out of hand” melee damage

Although melee is rarely used in the late stages of a match, the majority of complaints come from players dying just after landing, particularly on Rebirth Island.

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With the current state of melee in Warzone, a lot of players are using the rush strategy to instantly down an opponent with a few punches.

If they’re running Dead Silence or have just parachuted into the map, it’s almost impossible to counter their attacks and that’s exactly what santeenthedream showcased in their clip.

After dropping into Rebirth, they were immediately ambushed and taken down with two melee attacks, despite having full health and two shield plates.

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It’s safe to say this clip didn’t go down well with the Warzone community and led to a lot of feedback and calls for nerfs.

Some players even came up with original concepts to help balance melee, including a consumable perk: “Melee speed needs to be way slower… force people to consume a perk if they want to melee like this”.

Others claim that as melee takes no skill, it shouldn’t be rewarded with huge damage numbers: “There’s just no skill in it and so many people rely on it for hot drops”.

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For now, we’ll just have to see if Raven takes on the feedback or choose to prioritize other issues in-game. Either way, it’s clear there’s a demand for melee attacks to be nerfed, and the community seems to be getting more and more frustrated.

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