Warzone player comes up with perfect idea to nerf melee damage

. 9 months ago
Warzone melee with Warzone logo

A genius Warzone player has come up with the perfect idea for nerfing melee damage, without making it completely useless.

Melee damage has been a consistent complaint in Warzone. The ability to be downed by an enemy quickly punching you, before you can even lay a clip into them, is one that many players have become frustrated with.

The complaints date as far back as June 2020, barely three months after the game released, when players started to complain about how “broken” the mechanic was.

A few months later, in April 2021, several streamers called for changes to be made, after almost a year of no changes.

Now, over 18 months after release, melee damage remains the same, and players’ distaste for it hasn’t died down at all.

Warzone Season 6 gameplay
Warzone Season 6 marks the final season for Verdansk, but players are still complaining about melee damage.

While developers Raven clearly don’t want to straight-up nerf meleeing in Warzone and make it obsolete, TheTrueAlCapwn may have come up with the perfect middle-ground, with a reasonable nerf to melee damage.

“[I’m] pumping a full clip into a guy and he charges me head-on and kills me,” they explained. “Does anyone think that is fair at all?”

His idea is a simple one, but could be the perfect way to reach players’ demands for melee damage changes: “Is it too much to ask that if you are actively being shot (flinch) you get reduced melee damage?”

This situation is a fairly common one, especially as soon as you drop in. We all know the pain of pinging pistol shots at an oncoming enemy, and they simply knock you on the head a couple of times to knock you down.

With this change, you could reasonably expect to be able to take a couple more hits before going down, which would likely force players into gunfights rather than taking the easy melee route.

Whether a change like this ever happens, or if it would even work, remains to be seen.

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