Warzone players want nerfs to “no skill” melee attacks ruining Rebirth matches

. 9 months ago
Warzone sai melee weapons on Rebirth

Warzone players have once again called on Raven Software to make a change to the way melee attacks work, with some believing they’ve gotten even more OP than normal on Rebirth Island. 

Anyone that has ever dropped into a game of Warzone will have, at some point, had to ditch their weapon and just use melee attacks to get the job done.

While melee strikes might appear to just be a last resort, they’re actually incredibly strong – to the point where players have debated if it’s better to not try and find a weapon in the early game and just go with their fists.

Naturally, this has annoyed plenty of fans, given that there are situations where guns are no match for melee strikes, which probably shouldn’t be the case in Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Warzone Kali Sticks 2
Activision / Infinity Ward
Warzone now has a slew of melee weapons (like the infamous Kali Sticks) that many consider overpowered.

Players have continually called for the power of the melee attacks to be nerfed but with all the changes being made to Rebirth Island matches, their power is back in the spotlight.

One Warzone fan – PillowcaseDestroyer – claimed that melee attacks need to be discouraged instead of being the go-to option at the start of a game. “Nerf it, discourage it, it’s a shooter, not a boxing game. There’s no skill gap already so just give us this,” they said. “Melee is such a big crutch to bots and takes no skill.”

Plenty of players agreed too, pointing to the melee attacks becoming a bigger headache than normal, especially on Rebirth. “I don’t know if it’s because of the Rebirth extreme bulls**t but it seems to have got worse, hope Rebirth gets back to normal ASAP,” one said. “Rebirth recently got crappy because they made it ‘extreme.’ It’s just more people but I know it’s irritating to be attacked by four people meleeing you,” added another.

Of course, not everyone agrees that changes need to be made, arguing that players would complain if they started dying off the rip to pistols amid any sort of melee nerf.

Ultimately, the final decision lays with Raven and they’ve been pretty unmoved despite the repeated calls for change, so we’ll have to wait and see if anything happens this time.

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