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Warzone cheat makers troll devs as hacker problem rages on

Published: 4/Aug/2021 10:22

by Jacob Hale


As players drive away from Warzone in their hordes, largely because of the cheating problem, one of the biggest cheat makers are trolling the game’s devs online, joking about their work for all to see.

Hacking has always been a huge issue that the Warzone devs have struggled to get a grip of, despite numerous ban waves.

It’s grown so bad that, with Season 4 starting to wrap up, a huge number of players and top content creators are migrating away from Warzone for the foreseeable future, instead opting for competitors like Apex Legends, which has just launched a content-loaded new season.


With the developers’ failure to really get a handle on hacking, the cheat websites are now going so far as to troll the developer Raven Software on Twitter.

warzone season 5 trailer
Warzone Season 5 is arriving on August 12.

On August 3, Raven officially added the much-awaited CX-9 SMG to Warzone. It seems like it could slot into the meta somewhere and cause some damage in Verdansk, but players quickly realized that there were serious issues leveling it up and doing unlock challenges.

Raven were quick to address this (now resolved) issue, posting to Twitter that they were aware of it and linking to their public Trello board, where they track issues with their game.


It was quickly responded to, however, by popular cheat makers EngineOwning, who put a customer service spin on their response. “Sorry to hear this!” they said. “In case you still wanna use it, our Unlock All Feature unlocks all guns including the CX-9.”

The tweet picked up a huge amount of interaction, with even ardent anti-cheat activists finding the humor in the situation.

That wasn’t all, though: they later responded to the Raven tweet saying the issue had been resolved, thanking them for being “a company we can trust” before prodding them to make an anti-cheat.

It goes without saying that the cheat makers have grown an unprecedented level of confidence, and to their credit, Activision have done little to diminish that.


In another post, EngineOwning joked that players should use “RAVENANTICHEAT” as a code in the shop.

Players still wait in the hope for competent anti-cheat software to be added to Warzone to put a stop to the hacking, but for now, it seems the hackers are winning.