How to unlock Warzone CX-9 SMG: Stats revealed by JGOD

Modern Warfare SMGInfinity Ward

The CX-9 is an unreleased SMG has been finally released into Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Warzone, and it’s lining up to be one of the premier weapons within the game. 

Leaks are fairly common in the Call of Duty community, and Warzone has had its fair share over recent months. In the past, these leaks have revolved around the CX-9, which was a rumored weapon for quite some time. 

Now, the weapon is finally unlockable within the game, and Raven Software have addressed some issues in regard\\s to unlocking this weapon, and notable Warzone player, JGOD has outlined some of the stats pertaining to the CX-9.

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How to unlock the CX-9 SMG in Modern Warfare and Warzone

Modern Warfare SMG challengeReddit: MightyJordanb
The CX-9 SMG challenge is already live in Modern Warfare.

There’s two directions you can take in order to unlock this weapon, and the first one is rather simple and will not take you too long.

All you need to do for this in-game challenge is find two longshot kills using SMGs across five separate games. This means you’ll want to play opposite to how SMGs should be used. Keep your distance, track enemies from afar, and control your fire in short bursts.

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Two per game isn’t a huge amount though. This can easily be knocked out in a few matches in any Hardcore playlist, for instance.

The other method you can take in order to obtain the CX-9 is to purchase the Serac CX-9 blueprint within the in-game store for 2400 CoD Points. This totals out to around $20 USD and it’ll be inside the new Soap Operator bundle. 

The new CX-9 has been rumored for a while in Warzone.

Along with the release of the new SMG, there’s also been some extensive research done by players to determine where it stacks up compared to other rifles.

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JGOD reveals CX-9 stats

Knowing whether or not a new weapon within Warzone is viable in comparison to the current meta is something all players must know right away. Thankfully, JGOD has posted some images detailing early reports of the stats of the CX-9 and where it ranks compared to other weapons.

Overall, the new SMG seems above average when noted side by side to other SMGs, so this may be a new weapon for players within Warzone!

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