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Warzone bug on Rebirth Island leaves players weaponless and floating through walls

Published: 28/Mar/2022 12:43

by Andrew Highton


The hot new update for Rebirth Island has given players one of the best versions of the map ever, though it may have come at a price thanks to a frustrating map bug.

Raven Software’s big Rebirth Island update has gone down a treat with the CoD community. After giving the map its biggest overhaul in some time, possibly ever, players have reveled in the return of keycards and vaults and the introduction of a dedicated solo mode.

For all the things that Rebirth has gotten right and still continues to execute very well, a new glitch is souring things a bit. Under the map glitches are nothing new, and Caldera has had some run-ins with them very recently. The virus seems to have spread to Rebirth Island now.


cod warzone's rebirth island poi
It begs the question, is this the only broken spot on the map?

Rebirth Island map exploit causes issues

Redditor ItonicJ is the Warzone player trying to out the new issue in a bid to get it removed from the game sharpish.

Their statement was loud and clear: “Please fix this. I did it 3 times to defo know how it’s done and needs to be patched before people exploit it. Rebirth Island.” Along with these words, a video showing the process and method to get under the map was revealed in full.

After fending off an attack from another Rebirth player, ItonicJ found a specific spot on the North-East part of the map, ran down some stairs, and performed an innocuous-looking jump into the side of a building.


Instead of bouncing off of the wall as you would normally expect, the player ended up on an invisible platform inside the building’s ceiling and could see everything around them.

The main difference with this glitch compared to usual map glitches is that once you’re inside the building, you cannot use your weapon. It’s unclear if you become stuck once you’ve done this, and there’s always a chance you could be visible too.

Meaning, if you’re cruising around Rebirth Island and you’re within the vicinity of this building, be careful about where you’re jumping. As usual, we’d expect this to be patched quite quickly.