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Warzone players praise Rebirth Solo mode addition: “It needs to stay”

Published: 28/Mar/2022 1:00

by Jaret Kappelman


Warzone players are loving Season 2 Reloaded’s addition of Rebirth Resurgence solos, and the community wants to see it stay in the game forever. 

The Season 2 Reloaded update launched on March 23 and put a heavy emphasis on Rebirth Island.

From new POIs and easter eggs to Weapon Trade Stations and more quality of life features, there was a lot of content that came with it.

While the start of the season saw Iron Trial come to Rebirth, this one gave us Resurgence Solos, and players are in love with it already.

Rebirth solos players want it to stay in Warzone

Resurgence solos is one of the best modes to be added to Warzone and absolutely NEEDS to stick around with the other resurgence modes. from CODWarzone

In a Reddit post by ‘CJFrancis282’ the user claimed the new solo experience is easily “one of the best modes to be added to Warzone.”


With the pace of the mode unlike a solo game — since you have the chance to respawn — and the non-stop action, players are quite fond of the mode. On top of that, some believe it should stick around forever and most of the community seems to agree.

One Redditor said, “I completely agree, it’s loads of fun. Probably the best game mode released to date.”While another added, “I have had a ton of fun in Rebirth solos.”

Warzone's Alcatraz rebirth island map
Rebirth Solos is taking over the Warzone scene as players love the mode.

Since Rebirth was released, players have wanted to see some sort of solo mechanic added to the mode and this update has provided just that. Fans chimed in with how well it fits in with the map, saying they “really hope it stays.”


However, the Warzone community and Raven Software have an odd relationship when it comes to playlists. Numerous times the devs have taken out popular modes to fans’ dismay. So, there’s no telling if the solo BR will stick around as the playlist is constantly undergoing change.