Warzone anti-cheat watchdog reveals why hackers will “reduce significantly” in September

Windows 7 removed from warzoneActivision

Hackers have been plaguing Call of Duty Warzone for ages now and despite efforts by Activision to keep the cheaters in check, they keep coming back. Luckily, things may finally be looking up for those wanting a clean battle royale experience.

Anti-cheat Police Department is an established group of hack-hunters hellbent on exposing and shutting down cheaters in a number of games, including Warzone.

According to the watchdog group, the fact that Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Warzone will drastically help in the fight against cheaters.

Taking to Twitter, the organization explained: “Some good news if you hate cheaters Windows 7 will stop being supported by COD: Warzone on September 8th, 2021.”

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Warzone hackers exploit Windows 7

Apparently, lots of cheaters make use of older operating systems and by Warzone no longer functioning on it, the game will be better off.

“This will reduce cheaters significantly, that use Windows 7 to exploit the game. I suggest you update to Windows 10, a matter of time before other companies do the same,” they added.

September 8 isn’t that far off and it will be incredibly interesting to see just how significant of a decrease in hackers we end up seeing once Warzone is no longer playable on the OS. Though, it’s unclear how many Warzone players there are using Windows 7 to begin with.

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When asked about why on earth anyone would use Windows 7 in the first place, the organization replied: “People who believe their potential is held back because of input lag that is in milliseconds, or just cheaters that exploit old version of Windows.”

Combined with other anti-hack measures taken by Activision to combat spoofing and account selling, Warzone may finally be headed towards a spot where it’s playable.

Plus, with rumors that a major anti-cheat will be introduced with COD: Vanguard, it’s possible that by 2022, Warzone could feel like a completely different experience.

Let’s hope that the trend continues and more pieces of the anti-cheat puzzle fall into place.

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