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Shameless Warzone hacker caught streaming with cheats and they’re still terrible

Published: 17/Aug/2021 19:21

by David Purcell


Warzone hackers jumping on to stream is unfortunately nothing new, as Call of Duty players will already know, but this cheater has been flamed for still being terrible at the game.

The hacker problem has been a long, drawn-out process for Raven Software to get a handle on it.

In August, the developers have made significant strides in tackling the problem, whether it be targeting spoofers so that they can’t make accounts anymore, or more waves of bans being rolled out.

With that being said, not everybody has been caught just yet – and some are continuing to stream in front of an audience, showing off their cheats.


Modern Warfare character running with AS Val
Warzone’s hackers have taken quite a hit in August 2021, with new measures implemented.

Warzone hacker caught and flamed on Instagram

However, it all blew up in the face of one hacker on August 16– who goes by the name of ponstermenus on Instagram – as one Reddit user posted a clip to the Warzone subreddit.

The user posted: “It has now gotten to the point now that people are streaming with cheats, what the f**k?”

After watching the clip, some other CoD players couldn’t help but notice that the cheats weren’t actually helping him. There were around 380 viewers watching the broadcast when the footage was recorded.

Repeatedly, he could be seen missing sniper shot after sniper shot, with the chat laughing their heads off meanwhile.


One said: “He’s cheating and still missing,” with a load of laughing emojis. Others said: “For a hacker you play very bad” and “Bro is missing with hacks”.

With so many different ban waves announced almost weekly now in Warzone, it remains to be seen if this cheater, in particular, will be banned.

What we now know, however, is that using cheats isn’t always the quickest way to improve at the game… Because this was a terrible performance.