Warzone 2: Where to find Mysterious Item and complete easter egg

white fox mask in warzone 2 tsuki castle used for mysterious item easter egg

When wandering around Ashika Island you might find a Mysterious Item, here’s where to find all the mysterious items in Warzone 2 and how to complete an easter egg using them.

With the arrival of Warzone 2 Season 3, the devs have added some extra hidden content for players to engage with.

Although not essential to unlock anything these events can be fun to complete and useful for gathering a lot of resources early on in a match.

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One such event that players are stumbling across is the Mysterious Item. Warzone 2 doesn’t explain what the Mysterious Item does but we’ve got you covered.


Warzone 2: What is the Mysterious Item?

Although it appears as a sword in your inventory, the Mysterious Item in Warzone 2 is actually one of three masks. These masks are based on Oni Masks which are worn during various traditional ceremonies in Japan.

After collecting all three masks they can be placed on an altar inside Ashika Island’s Tsuki Castle. This triggers a short wave-based survival event where you’ll need to beat some A.I. Once the A.I are defeated you’ll receive a free Loadout Drop Marker, a ton of cash, and some bonus goodies.

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Warzone 2: Where to find all Mysterious Items

The Mysterious Items in Warzone 2 are scattered around Tsuki Castle, a place of interest on Ashika Island. Tsuki Castle is divided up into three sections, the main castle, and a series of nearby smaller buildings. Each building and its surrounding area contains one mask for players to track down.

Whilst each mask will always spawn in a certain area, the exact spawn is randomized between a set list of locations. Here’s where to find each of the masks in Warzone 2:

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detailed map showing the mysterious item locations in Warzone 2's Tsuki Castle point of interest.

Green Mask

The Green Mask spawns inside and around the medium-sized building found on the north side of Tsuki Castle. Its spawn locations are as follows:

  • On a chair in the smaller square building.
  • Sitting on a bulldozer outside in the far northwest of Tsuki Castle.
  • First floor, on a barrel near one of the entrances.
  • Second floor, hanging on the side of a weapon locker.
  • Second floor, resting on a large white box fin the eastern side of the building.

Red Mask

The Red Mask spawns inside the main Tsuki Castle building. This is a large building with multiple floors found on the west side of Tsuki Castle. Its spawn locations are as follows:

  • First floor, on the table in the middle of the big room in the southern section.
  • First floor, near the weapon lockers in the smaller northern section of the main building.
  • Second floor, on a display cabinet in the corner of the southern section.
  • Second floor, hidden in a red crate in the northeastern section of the main building.
  • Third floor, on an L-shaped desk on the south side of the castle.

White Mask

The White Mask spawns inside and around the small building found on the east side of Tsuki Castle. Its spawn locations are as follows:

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  • On top of the well in the east of Tsuki Castle.
  • Leaning against a cherry blossom tree in an outside garden area.
  • On a box in the L-shaped building in the far east of Tsuki Castle.

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