How to get the Tempered Plate Carrier in Warzone 2 Season 3

Jeremy Gan
Operator equipping a armor plate

Tempered Plate Carriers have arrived in Season 3 of Warzone 2, giving players more plating options, and here is all you need to know on how to get it and what it does. 

Season 3 of Warzone 2 is finally live, giving players a plethora of new weapons, changes to movement, and map changes. And of course, it has given players a lot of new gameplay features as well. 

Included in the new major update is the introduction of the Tempered Plate Carriers, being brought over from the first Warzone game as a substitution to the Tempered perk. Here is what you need to know on the newest Plate addition, including where to find them and what they do. 

What is Warzone 2’s Tempered Plate Carrier?

Tempered Plate Carrier in Warzone 2
A Tempered Plate Carrier in Warzone 2.

The Tempered Plate Carrier is an item that improves the efficiency of your armor plates, similar to the Tempered Perk in Warzone 1. Equipping the Tempered Plate Carrier will increase your armor to two half bars of armor instead of the normal three-thirds. 

Since it is an upgrade over the normal Armor Plate, using it will change the required amount of armor plates to reach maximum health, from three plates to two. 

Additionally, with the Tempered Plate Carrier equipped, plating up to full health will take less time. Additionally, each standard Armor Plate equipped will count for 75 health.

Where can you find the Tempered Plate Carrier in Warzone 2?

A stronghold in Warzone 2
You will find Tempered Plate Carriers most commonly in Strongholds.

You can find the Tempered Plate Carriers in Strongholds and loot caches across Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

Naturally, taking over Strongholds generally rewards players by giving them valuable loot, and the Tempered Plate Carrier is part of the loot available to be gained. 

But taking over a Stronghold is not mandatory to get a Tempered Plate Carrier. If you believe in your own luck, you can stumble across one while looting around the maps. Of course, the chances of you finding one in the wild are much lower than finding one in a Stronghold.