Is Plunder mode returning in Warzone 2?

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Plunder mode quickly became a fan-favorite mode during the original Warzone and was incredibly popular, offering an alternative style for the Battle Royale. So, with a new Warzone in full swing, is Plunder being introduced in Warzone 2? We have all the answers here.

Plunder is essentially a mode in which players are tasked with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $2 million. Cash can be earned by completing contracts, killing enemies, and looting crates, which is not dissimilar to the standard Battle Royale.

The mode became extremely popular in Warzone until it was removed during Season 4 Reloaded. Now players are eyeing up Warzone 2, hoping they will implement the mode all over again. We have all the answers here.

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Is Plunder mode coming to Warzone 2?

At the time of writing, Activision and Infinity Ward haven’t so much as teased the possibility of Plunder featuring in Warzone 2. Meaning, the glitches, and hints are pure speculation for the time being.

Nevertheless, we will be updating this article when new information is released so be sure to check back soon to see if your favorite game mode is coming to Warzone 2.

Map glitch hints at the return of Plunder in Warzone 2

Earlier this week, YouTuber tiktokalnuke posted a video showcasing an interesting map icon bug in Warzone 2. The glitch in question specifically featured icons previously designated to the Plunder mode.

When tagged with the cursor, text attached to the icon read as follows: “Call in Cash Deposit Heli.” The YouTuber believes such an error may point to Plunder’s future return in the recently released Warzone entry.

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Though DMZ serves as the primary alternative to the battle royale mode, Plunder would be a welcome addition to Warzone 2’s current offerings.

Recent rumors suggest other relics of the not-so-distant past will return in future Warzone 2 updates. What If Gaming claims players can expect Warzone 2 Season 2 to add World at War’s Castle map and the Ronin Operator from Modern Warfare (2020).

As of writing, developers have yet to confirm or deny these alleged plans. While waiting for Plunder to hopefully be announced, take a look at some of our handy Warzone 2 guides:

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