When is Plunder coming back to Warzone 2?

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Plunder mode quickly became a fan-favorite mode during the original Warzone and was incredibly popular, offering an alternative style for the Battle Royale. With Plunder confirmed to be returning to Warzone 2, many players are now wondering when exactly it is coming back.

Plunder is essentially a mode in which players are tasked with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $2 million. Cash can be earned by completing contracts, killing enemies, and looting crates, which is not dissimilar to the standard Battle Royale.

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The mode was extremely popular in the original Warzone until it was removed during Season 4 Reloaded. Now players are eyeing up Warzone 2, awaiting Plunder’s return.

When is Plunder mode coming to Warzone 2?

Activision announced that Plunder will be added to Warzone 2 on April 26.

The developers also published a Warzone 2 developer blog revealing more information about the game mode’s return. The blog post also details some of the changes coming to Plunder 2.0.

Plunder is coming back to Warzone 2 sometime during Season 3. An exact date hasn’t been revealed yet but we know that it’s scheduled for an “in-season launch.” Given how the developers have handled past seasons the most likely time for Plunder to be added is during Season 3 Reloaded.

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Plunder 2.0 adds several exciting new features

This new rendition of Plunder officially titled ‘Plunder 2.0’ will introduce several new features to keep the mode fresh. This includes new Buy Station items, permanent rewards for players to work toward, and changes to the in-match event system.

In Plunder 2.0 players will be able to purchase two new items from the Buy Station. These are the Credit Card that returns 10% Cashback on all purchases, and Life Insurance which will save 50% of your cash on hand when eliminated.

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There will also be a series of new events when Plunder comes back to Warzone 2. The four events revealed are Blood Money, Cannon Fodder, Contactor, and Choke Hold. Blood Money is the only event to be detailed so far, rewarding double cash for eliminating and looting Operators whilst active.

Though DMZ serves as the primary alternative to the battle royale mode, Plunder will be a welcome addition to Warzone 2’s current offerings.

While you wait for Plunder to arrive, consider taking a look at some of our handy Warzone 2 guides:

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