Crazy Warzone glitch spawns phantom players around loadout drops

Loadouts in WarzoneActivision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player has discovered a new glitch that finds phantoms spawning onto the battlefield and calling in loadouts.

Throughout Call of Duty: Warzone’s life span, we have encountered some bizarre bugs that gave the community its fair share of headaches.

Players have encountered exploits that have transformed them into invincible beings and even issues that allowed combatants to shoot other players through various roofs. But it seems yet another issue has been discovered.

A player has discovered a bug that allows phantom players to spawn into the map and call in loadouts.

Loadout in WarzoneActivision
Loadouts allow for players to get guns that they’ve customized prior to the battle.

Warzone player discovered phantom glitch that calls in loadouts

Uncovered by Facebook Gaming streamer Misses Mae during a trios match, she notices a loadout in the distance and alerts her teammates to check it out.

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As they approach the supply drop, Misses Mae realizes that another player is also acquiring new weapons from the loadout.

The video shows the team finally making their way towards the box, and they realize that the once believed player is actually a phantom standing idly near a loadout.

More shocking than that though, her teammates are unable to see the phantom and it was only appearing on Misses Mae’s screen the whole time—what a plot twist.

Misses Mae posted a 32-second clip to Twitter asking whether or not anyone else has experienced this issue, and one of her followers commented, “It’s a first for me.”

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While it appears that this glitch is an isolated incident at the moment, it seems that Warzone’s loadouts have been at the center of various issues within the battle-royale-based shooter.

With that being said, if you do notice a player standing idly by a supply drop, you rest assured that it’s a product of this particular glitch.