Warzone 2 player discovers game-breaking interrogation bug

Warzone 2 player holding self-revive kit under flying helicopterActivision

Warzone 2 players have unearthed a game-breaking bug, abusing the battle royale’s interrogation system.

Interrogation is an underrated new system in Warzone 2, used for revealing an enemy team’s location. Players can press a button when they down an opponent and start the interrogation process. The interrogation animation will make your character hold a knife down the player’s throat and scan the location of the other members on a cell phone.

When the process is complete, a live ping will reveal the location of the remaining enemy team members. The system works very similarly to Caveira’s ability in Rainbow Six Siege. Community members have yet to take advantage of interrogating fully, but it has the potential to be crucial in WZ2.

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Interrogating an enemy is already stressful enough, as their teammates can take you out, but a potential glitch makes the maneuver even more dangerous.

Warzone 2 players uncover interrogation glitch

Cargo truck full of people zooming around Al-Mazrah in Warzone 2.Activision
Interrogations are a high-risk, high-reward maneuver.

A Warzone 2 player shared a video on Reddit of the interrogation bug.

One player theorized that completing a Most Wanted contract revived the teammate. ” I saw another similar video yesterday of a guy near instant self-reviving in WZ, but it looked like his team had a most wanted contract that got completed, and it picked him up.”

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A second user added, “just when I think no way even this is broken in the game.”

Not all community members were on the same page over the glitch’s validity. “He started the self-revive animation, which does not lose progression when stopped in any way after you finish the interrogation. That’s not a bug, that’s intentional.”

Activision adds all known glitches to Warzone 2’s Trello Board.

Whether this is a bug or not, make sure to keep an eye out for an opponent’s self revive while completing an interrogation.

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