Warzone 2 Season 2 map changes: Underground cave network, passenger train & more


Activision has announced major POI changes coming to Al Mazrah in Season 2, including a new underground cave network and passenger train.

Battle royale players commonly complain about the middle portion of a match. There is an initial excitement when you land, loot, and engage in a gunfight. But after that, the action usually doesn’t ramp up unless you happen to stumble across other enemies or until the final two circles.

Warzone 1 addressed this pacing issue by introducing an underground fast travel system and Portable Redeploy Ballons, allowing players to reposition and chase kills more easily. Warzone 2 features a train that circles around Al Mazrah, but removed Redeploy Balloons and a fast-travel system.

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Activision announced a new train to help speed up travel in the battle royale sequel, along with two other major map changes, sprucing up some previously bare locations on Al Mazrah.

All Warzone 2 Season 2 POI changes confirmed

Warzone 2 operators take the fight to the competition in Al Mazrah.Activision
Warzone 2 Season 2 makes a few key changes to Al Mazrah.

On February 9, Activision shared more details on the upcoming Al Mazrah map changes coming in Season 2.

The Warzone 2 developers confirmed that the new downed plane POI at Sattiq Cave is inspired by the original Modern Warfare 2 map Afghan.

This comes as a huge announcement for series veterans, as the classic environment has never received a remake like some other fan-favorite CoD maps have.

Al Mazrah’s desert environment makes it challenging for teams to cross open areas without being punished by enemies waiting on the other side. The developers announced a new underground cave network between Rohan Oil and Taraq village to help alleviate that problem.

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The cave has five entrances and is full of ground loot and supply boxes. Lastly, a new passenger train will be making the rounds on Al Mazrah.

The new mode of transportation differs from the original freight train, as players move between cars with doors and openings on the roof allowing for easy access.

Squads can find legendary supply boxes and other valuable items on the new train.

Warzone Season 2 begins on February 15, and we will provide another update when we learn more about the upcoming seasonal update.