Warzone 2 players want “Armor Break” notification reverted after Season 2 update

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Warzone 2 players want changes to the new “armor break” notification that clutters the screen while in combat.

The UI in games like Warzone 2 helps determine what is most important for the player to know. This includes how much ammo you have, your health status, or important weapon facts.

In Warzone 2, there are so many things happening at once that the player must listen for audio cues or quick pop-up messages to gather information.

A new feature in has replaced what was originally an audio cue, with a message that takes up part of the player’s screen. 

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Warzone 2 players aren’t loving the new “armor break” notification

A new addition to the UI in Warzone 2 has caused frustration among players, with discussions on Reddit breaking down the issues many are facing.

The new notification lets players know about a break in an opponent’s armor using a message that appears next to the crosshair. It reads: “armor break.”

This has replaced the original Warzone 2 sound cue – a loud, cracking sound that indicated the enemy’s armor has been broken. Fans are confused about the change, as the new addition only clutters the screen.

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One user commented on the post and said: “SAME THIS IS A HUGE PROBLEM. It’s damn near impossible to tell if armor broke or downed someone when fighting multiple enemies.”

Another Warzone 2 user went into a deeper explanation about the issue and said, “The text animations, along with bias towards the armor-breaking audio, is extremely confusing in high-intensity situations. If you’re fighting 2-3 people who are all running around…all you can hear are plates break while text animations spam the screen constantly. I can never figure out who I downed or whose plates I broke. I’ve chased people around corners thinking I just broke their plates just to find them down… only to then get shot in the back.”

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Currently, there isn’t information on whether the Warzone 2 change will be reverted. Hopefully, more information will become available as Season 2 progresses.

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