Warzone 2 players slam devs after Super Powers aren’t removed despite promise

Jessica Filby
Warzone 2 superhero

Super Powers have been a long-running controversial addition to Warzone 2, and players are once again slamming the devs over their failed promise to only allow the feature to appear in the “Super’d Up” Resurgence Mode.

The Boy’s collaboration was highly anticipated, with many players looking forwards to playing as Starlight, Homelander, or Noir. However, upon the introduction of Super Powers, many found the addition to be incredibly broken, with some arguing it was OP and others claiming it wasn’t right for a game like Call of Duty.

Nevertheless, the Warzone devs recently issued an update for the game, moving the powers over to a “Supe’d Up” version of Resurgence Mode, meaning players can choose to have this addition in their game mode, rather than being unwillingly met with laser eyes while trying to take an enemy down. Unfortunately, shortly after, players slammed the devs for failing to deliver on this promise, highlighting how they’re still seeing it in different game modes.

Warzone 2 players question devs after Super Powers fail to be removed

Posting on Reddit, one user shared the recent news with the Warzone community, explaining that “superpowers are out of every mode except Super’d Up Resurgence.” However, the comments were soon flooded with users proving the tweet wrong, explaining that they’re still seeing the unpopular design in other game modes.

“They didn’t do sh*t, Temp V it’s still everywhere, at this point these clowns can’t do nothing right” wrote one user, clearly frustrated to see the superpowers appearing in most games they end up playing.

Other Warzone fans confirmed the statement, highlighting “Yep, still Temp V in duos. It’s almost like they didn’t test it first,” with one replying to this statement joking that “this doesn’t surprise me even a little bit.”

It seems despite the promised update, Temp V, the serum required for superpowers in Warzone 2 is still in resurgence quads, resurgence solos, and duos. One player even said they just “I got Temp V in damn DMZ.”

Needless to say, fans are extremely frustrated to still see superpowers appearing in unwanted game modes, but it’s also worth highlighting that the update may still be rolling out, so in time it’s likely the game will deliver on the promise of placing it in a specific game mode.