Warzone 2 players claim devs are “out of touch” after removing duos and trios

Four operators standing side by side in Warzone

Warzone 2 players have claimed the devs are “out of touch” after removing duos and trios from the popular battle royale — leaving the community baffled.

Whether it be game-breaking bugs and glitches, or cheaters running rampant, for quite some time, the Warzone community has had issues with the devs.

However, once more the devs are under fire from players, with some claiming they’re “out of touch” for removing duos and trios from the game.

Warzone 2 players slam devs as “out of touch”

On April 27, numerous Reddit threads from players began noting the removal of duos and trios from the game. “Seriously IW, RS, Stop,” one fan wrote, alongside posting a screenshot of the battle royale menu, only showing solos and quads as an option.

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“How can they be so out of touch with a player base?” one user replied in the thread.

“I’m so f**king angry with this game,” another hit out. “I don’t have 4 friends who can always log on. I usually always play duos. We’ve struggled to bring together 3 to play, but have made it work. But now no trios or duos. Wtf is wrong with IW?!”

In a different thread, Warzone player ‘Erikk_h’ further questioned the devs’ decision to remove both duos and trios. “I’m waiting for a whole week now to play duos, and yet duos is still not added to the playlist,” they said. “They even removed trios so now we have to play duos in quads, like are out of their minds?”

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“It’s pretty clear that their target audience is toward resurgence players and Ashika,” one player added.

Hopefully, we’ll see the return of duos and trios with the release of Season 3 Reloaded later in the season.

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