Warzone 2 players demand nerf to “ridiculous” self-revives

Warzone 2 player holding self-revive kit under flying helicopterActivision

Call of Duty Warzone 2 players are calling for a major overhaul to the self-revive system moving forward as they believe it is “ridiculous” in its current state. 

When Warzone 2 was officially announced, many fans of the Call of Duty battle royale were excited to see what changes the developers had in store for them following on from the original Warzone.

Tweaks were made to the game’s looting, loadouts, and even movement mechanics, which have all had mixed responses with the fanbase. The changes to looting have allowed players to stack up on self-revives, so it’s no longer a case of just having one self-revive in your back pocket.

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This has caused plenty of annoyance for players, with Dr Disrespect being one of the prominent voices questioning the devs’ decisions. Now, players want things to be addressed with a change. 

Warzone 2 players want self-revives limited to one per player

Redditor MortyCloneyt highlighted just how “ridiculous” the self-revives can be, as they showcased a clip from a recent game of theirs. 

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After the player took down an enemy in the late game, they were able to use a handful of the eight self-revives they had picked up in the match to bag a win. This came despite the fact they were sat deep in the gas and out of sight of any other players. 

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“I hope Season 2 addresses this,” said one player, as others jumped on board with the calls for change. “Such an easy fix too, just limit the number of Self Res you can pick up to 1,” added another. 

Other players suggested that self-revives should be removed outright, but doubted that the devs will make any change to the system in Season 2 anyway. 

It’s clear that it has become a massive bugbear in the community, which is usually when the devs spring into action, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens as they have already lined up some big changes for next season.

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