Warzone 2 players flame “embarrassing” WSOW postponement

Warzone 2 characters in drop shipActivision

Activision postponed the WSOW Stage 1 EU and NA Qualifiers allegedly because of game crashes, and community members used the announcement to address a larger issue.

The 2023 World Series of Warzone suffered a major blow in what’s become a string of unfortunate mishaps. Activision delayed the 2022 WSOW NA Qualifiers due to technical issues, and cheating allegations derailed other matches.

On April 20, six days before the 2023 WSOW began, Activision launched an investigation into server issues plaguing Warzone 2. CoD legend OpTic Teep asked how Activision could possibly run a 1.2$ million tournament in just a few days with servers being so unstable.

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Teep and other community members’ worst fears became a reality as server issues abruptly postponed Qualifiers matches.

Warzone 2 players demand the removal of AI enemies

On May 3, Activision announced: “Unfortunatley, the WSOW Stage 1 EU and NA Qualifiers have been postponed. We are working on updates and will provide information to players shortly.”

Activision did not provide a reason for the postponement, but players speculated it was because of AI enemies crashing games. Warzone 2 streamer ModernWarzone claimed it was because “the servers kept crashing once AI and Strongholds spawned into the map.”

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The content creator added: “Embarrassing and makes myself and everyone else wonder if Warzone ranked is going to be dead on arrival.”

Warzone Loadout provided more context, claiming that the first EU match reset because of a laggy server. And then the second and third games crashed when Strongholds opened.

Warzone 2 players have long called for the removal of AI, and Warzone Loadout used this as an opportunity to raise the issue again.

“Remove AI from the game, no one cares about them, and they seem to be the reason for terrible servers!”

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WZ2 YouTuberJGOD joked: “Guess Activision won the WSOW Stage 1 EU Qualifiers, killed all 150 Players”

We will provide an update when we learn more about what’s next for the WSOW.