Warzone 2 player demands fix for “infuriating” airstrike bug after self elimination


A player in Warzone 2 encountered a bug where, instead of placing an airstrike hundreds of meters away, the game puts it on top of the player eliminating them in the process.

There is a myriad of things players have to pay attention to while in a battle-royale match. Gunfire, footsteps, vehicular noises, and more can come from any direction at any moment.

Anticipating other players’ movements, listening for sound cues, or reading the mini-map are just a few things players have to keep an eye on. Unfortunately, not everything can be predicted, especially when a bug disrupts the normal flow of the game.

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A new bug has appeared in Warzone 2 where calling in an airstrike will place it on top of yourself, leaving little to no time to get out of the way.

Warzone 2 bug causes airstrike placement on one who uses it

Fans of Warzone 2 discussed a new bug posted on Reddit, showing a player call in an airstrike on an enemy team, for it to only hit themself due to a bug.

In the video, it shows the player on top of a hill and watching a team move below them. They pull out their airstrike, aim it below the hill, and confirm its placement. Not realizing it, the airstrike has now been placed on themself as they continue to track the enemy team.

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A small indicator at the top of the screen shows the airstrike is now on top of the player, but when you’re focused on a three-man team down low and thinking you’re about to take them all out? It’s reasonable for tunnel vision to take over and not realize what’s about to happen.

Many users commented on both the bug and the awareness one needs to have, as hindsight knows all. One user said: “This happened to me as well inside a building. Imagine being killed inside a building by your airstrike when you called it in hundreds of meters away.”

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These sorts of things can throw off the groove of the player immensely. Feeling confident in your moves and seeing the progress of doing things correctly, only for a random bug to ruin it, can put a damper on one’s mood. 

Unfortunately, players must be constantly looking for something similar to this that could cost them the game. As frustrating as it is, players must be cautious until a fix is implemented.