Warzone 2 & MW2 devs under fire after Season Two Battle Pass token announcement

Mw2 logo on blurred battle pass imageActivision

Many Call of Duty players are upset with a recent announcement that Battle Token Tier Skips will be automatically spent at the end of the season – without players’ consent.

Call of Duty’s Warzone 2 launched with an all-new battle pass system in which rewards are associated with sectors players have to spend their tokens on. One that sector is finished, players can move on to one of the nearby sectors to unlock more rewards.

Now, it’s been announced via a tweet that any extra Tokens players have saved up will be automatically spent at the end of Season One on their remaining locked rewards.

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This irked plenty of players who criticized the devs for making a decision on behalf of players who have earned or paid for their tokens and the battle pass.

Call of Duty players argue to “leave this decision up to the players”

A lot of players replying to the original tweet seemed to be of the opinion that this decision should not be left up to the developers.

“Best to leave this decision up to the players,” commented ModernWarzone, a popular CoD content creator.

Another, ProReborn, said: “uhhh.. I think its best to let people decide how they want those tokens spent?”

Others were confused as to what the outrage is all about since this seems like a fairly standard battle pass mechanic.

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“Isn’t this just saying if someone has forgotten to use tokens, it will use them for them to give them most rewards before removed from the game? Is this not a good thing,” asked one user. While another added: “Fortnite practically does the same and no issue.”

Adding to the confusion is the fact that players who bought the Vault Edition of the game were awarded with 50 skips which it seems they cannot carry into the second battle pass.

“I bought the vault edition thinking I could save up the 50 tokens for when I need them later in case life gets busy, just like in MW19. They never told us they changed it. Not only that, they capped the maximum tokens you could get in season 1 to 50,” comments another user in a Reddit thread on the same topic.

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Barring another delay, Season Two of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 will begin on February 15.