Warzone 2 lobbies are being offset with bizarre team sizes

Jeremy Gan

Warzone 2 players are bizarrely being put into larger squads than usual, with some even joining six-person teams with randoms they never invited.

Just as its name implies, Quads in Warzone 2 is meant to only have squads of four in the CoD Battle Royale. So it threw players for a loop on March 6 when various squads suddenly had six players in their party instead of the normal four. 

A user on Reddit posted a picture of their squad with five people to begin with, when they were only supposed to have the standard four. Some speculated they may have been playing DMZ and accidentally invited a fifth, but the user assured them it was Battle Royale Quads. Nor could it be the Unhinged mode that allows players to join teams midway through the match, as these playlists have been removed from Warzone 2.

Warzone streamer TheTacticalBear also had a bizarre party when starting a game of Battle Royal Quads on the same day. This time, it was with six players instead of five. In a regular livestream, for some unknown reason, his squad had the addition of two other players they did not invite, nor did they even know. 

The 6 man squad game starts at 3:41:09

TheTacticalBear would eventually win the game, quite convincingly, as they obviously had a man advantage. But interestingly enough, in the end cutscene where it shows off your squad winning, they showed all six players in the plane.

Other squads shown in the end credits also had irregular squad sizes, with some also showing up with five to six players. 

Many have speculated this bug could either be caused by the recently removal of the aforementioned Unhinged modes, with certain traits still lingering in the latest patch. Or adversely, it could be a bug where the game thinks you are playing DMZ, where you can have a squad of up to 6 players. 

However, that is all speculation. Activision has not released any statements or fixes for the bug as of writing this. So be on the lookout for bigger teams than usual while dropping into Warzone 2.