What is Unhinged in Warzone 2.0? WZ2 new game mode, playlist explained

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Warzone 2 introduces a new playlist called Unhinged and if you’re wondering how it works, you’ve come to the right place.

Activision has shaken things up with a massive update for Warzone 2, Season 1, with the patch notes revealing a number of weapon buffs and nerfs already.

The new Al Mazrah map has opened its doors with a number of playlists available for players, including Solos, Duos, Quads, and Third Person. Interestingly, though, there’s a fifth one that has been thrown into the mix, called Unhinged.

For those looking to shoot their shot in the new Warzone 2 game mode, you’re going to need to know how it works.

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So, let’s dive into the details.

What is Warzone 2’s Unhinged playlist?

warzone 2 serversActivision Blizzard
Warzone 2 has added a new playlist and many will be wondering how it works.

Unhinged is a new Warzone playlist, added in the Warzone 2.0, Season 1 update on November 16.

There is a max of 150 players allowed at any one time, with Assimilation, and up to six players per squad.

The official blog post says: “Break the squad limit boundaries by using Assimilation to grow your squad up to 6 players! Alliances are fragile in this game mode and you may find yourself outnumbered at any point.”

This isn’t the only new mode available, though, as DMZ also released with Season 1. Check out our full guide here.

With all of the MW2 weapons being integrated into the new-look Call of Duty battle royale, a new weapons tier list has emerged with some strong loadouts.

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