Warzone 2 streamer claims players are crashing servers to prevent nukes


A Warzone 2 streamer posted on Reddit, claiming players are crashing servers to prevent a nuke from happening.

Hacking in games has been a problem for countless years, despite developers trying to protect their players from experiencing it.

Call of Duty has been particularly bad, whether it be someone with a “god” mode running around the map or someone breaking the game to fly overhead, one-shotting everyone in their path. The effects have been discussed widely by players online.

A video posted on Reddit, allegedly showing a hacker crashing an entire server as a team tried to go for the nuke, has drawn a new wave of criticism from players.

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Warzone 2 streamer watches hacker crash server

In the Reddit video, a Warzone 2 streamer is seen trying to go for the nuke with their friends in a match. Once they arrive, the server slows down until it is completely frozen.

When the server is slowed down, it will disconnect everyone from the match as it becomes overloaded. 

The streamer flies the helicopter over one of the objectives for the nuke when it begins lagging. The streamer then says: “They DDoSed the server,” as their teammates sigh in disappointment. 

One user didn’t understand what was happening and asked for an explanation in the comments. The video creator responded, “The game didn’t freeze for me. But everything stops. The clock, the flags, everything. After 20 or so seconds the game stopped with a message ‘disconnected from server / lost connection to host.’ Basically, a hacker can decide to make the server overwhelmed so that it stops responding. Imagine like 1000 people pressing f5 several times on a website on purpose, the website usually can’t handle it and crashes.”

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Many players shared their own experiences, with one saying, “This has been going on for 2 weeks now, people try to crash the lobby so they can get on the win streak or they try to crash the lobby so they can f*** everyone else over.”

Another Warzone 2 player adds, “Very true, they are doing it in all game modes using lag switches. I watched a video of the guy that’s “selling” the software. When I’m playing DMZ, and see the ping start low, then during game shoots to 100-150, it’s these clowns trying to make players crash or timeout.”

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There is no official word on the problem from Activision or Infinity Ward, requiring players to remain cautious when things go awry mid-game. Hopefully, the issue will be fixed soon before the problem grows into something much worse.