Warzone 2 Gulag glitch accidentally executes player’s teammate

warzone 2 gulag glitchActivision Blizzard

A bizarre glitch accidentally let a Warzone 2 player perform an execution on their teammate during a Gulag match.

A holdover from the original Call of Duty: Warzone, the Gulag is a prison where players duke it out with others after dying in a battle royale game.

The Gulag in the original Warzone challenged players to one-versus-one matches, a chance at redemption that decided who could return to battle.

This same premise applies to Warzone 2’s Gulag, except competing users now face off in 2v2 bouts. A recently discovered bug seems to have complicated things, however.

Glitch in Warzone 2 Gulag turns teammates into enemies

Reddit user Kazukii18 won a Gulag match for their squad, taking out an unsuspecting enemy with a melee attack. But when the Redditor tried finishing off the battle with a finisher, things failed to go as planned.

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Instead of performing the execution on the downed foe, the player accidentally eliminated their own squadmates.

“So you can execute [your] teammate in gulag,” Kazukii18 wrote in a post accompanied by footage of the strange glitch in action.

Fortunately, as another Redditor pointed out, the player’s kill count in the top-right corner suggests the teammate actually survived the accidental attack. Even so, this is one Gulag glitch that developers will hopefully address in a future Warzone 2 update.

The Gulag has experienced its fair share of problems since Warzone 2 landed last month. For a time, one glitch insta-killed players upon winning the Gulag match and returning to the main game.

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And for those who want to get better at surviving the prison-based battle, Call of Duty pro Apathy recently shared a few noteworthy tips and tricks.