Warzone 2 devs finally announce playlist rotation for Resurgence maps

Ryan Lemay
All three Warzone 2 maps.

Warzone 2 introduces a Resurgence map rotation in Season 4 Reloaded, which switches between Vondel and Ashika Island.

Raven Software has caught some flack from community members over weekly playlist updates. Every week, the devs roll out a new set of available modes, maps, and squad sizes. Players particularly took issue with the devs neglecting solos, duos, trios, and quads.

For example, Warzone 2 went multiple weeks without a solo squad size option on Al Mazrah. And recently, the devs made all three battle royale maps playable, but heavily restricted the available squad sizes for each environment.

To possibly rectify those concerns, the devs are taking a page from Apex Legends’ book and implementing a time-based map rotation system.

How does the Warzone 2 playlist map rotation work?

On July 10, Activision released snippets of information about Season 4 Reloaded. Battle royale fans can expect a crossover with The Boys, a standard battle royale mode on Vondel, and a new gulag.

A standard battle royale playlist on Vondel means there are now four different core experiences in Warzone 2. With so many cooks in the kitchen, Raven Software announced a new way to keep player engagement fresh.

For just Resurgence, there will be a time-based rotation system.

warzone 2 vondel drop header

In the Season 4 Reloaded preview blog post, the devs explained what fans can expect from the new map rotation system.

“After a certain amount of time specified in-game, the Rotating Resurgence Playlists will shift from Vondel to Ashika Island and vice-versa for a given squad size.”

Apex Legends uses a very similar system. Every season, Respawn Entertainment chooses three battle royale maps and rotates between them depending on the time of the day.

How this move will go over with the Warzone 2 community remains to be seen. But at least fans won’t have to wait a full week before diving back into their favorite Resurgence map.

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