Warzone 2 devs make every map playable, but it comes with a catch

Ryan Lemay
warzone 2 players flying in

Raven Software added all three Warzone 2 maps in the latest weekly playlist update, but it comes with a catch that infuriated community members.

Warzone 2 utilizes a weekly playlist rotation system. Every week, Raven Software unveils a new set of game modes, maps, and squad sizes available in the battle royale sequel. However, players slammed the devs for constantly neglecting solos, duos, trios, and quads.

For example, Warzone 2 went multiple weeks without a solo squad size option on Al Mazrah. And players previously called out the devs for “lying” as Ashika Island only launched with Quads when the map previously advertised all squad sizes.

This time around, users have taken umbrage with the removal of several different squad sizes across the battle royale’s three maps.

Warzone 2 players slam devs for “driving business away”

On July 5, Raven Software unveiled the weekly Warzone playlist. For a standard battle royale match on Al Mazrah, players only have the option to queue in quads. Only solos and trios are available on Vondel. And players can only play in quads on Ashika Island.

Restricting squad sizes hurts those who play alone or with a select number of friends. It also adds insult to injury if their preferred squad size is locked behind a map they don’t enjoy playing.

Over 700 people commented on the post, with some voicing frustrations over the decision.


After a third straight week of no solos in the standard Warzone 2 battle royale, one player responded: “Can we please leave in BR solos? Why can I not play the game solo?”

Other users shared a similar sentiment. A second disgruntled community member asked: “At what point do you guys get tired of seeing solo players fill up your playlist post comments?”

Another frustrated solo player argued: “I’m beginning to think none of this game was ever designed for the solo player.”

Warzone 2 shows no signs of changing its weekly playlist rotation system. For now, the best players can do is continue to use their voices on social media if they want change.