Viral video shows Warzone’s Nail Gun is even wilder in real life

Theo Salaun
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Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War’s Nail Gun is a wild gun in-game, but a viral TikTok shows that it might just be even nuttier in real life. A video of the Nail Gun’s IRL features has players buzzing.

Most Warzone players might know that Nail Guns are not just in-game oddities, but in fact really useful tools for construction workers. Even then, of those who know that Nail Guns are real things, most probably haven’t seen them in action.

In comes TikTok creator ‘the_tarmaster,’ who makes great use of a Nail Gun for tasks like applying shingles to roofs. And, with great nail-gun experience, comes a greater responsibility to show people how it looks in the real world.

Responding to comments asking to see how the Nail Gun reloads in real life, tarmaster demonstrated his POV reloading the tool and firing off some rounds. With over four million views, people were stunned that the game seems to somehow undersell the tool-turned-weapon’s attributes.

In Warzone, the Nail Gun is a slow-shooting, high-damage SMG with a very small magazine size (20 rounds) and a slow reload time. While, thankfully, tarmaster doesn’t test out the tool’s damage profile — he does show off some of its other traits.

It turns out that the ammunition situation is a virtual creation, as real-world nail guns not only have fat ammo drums, but also can be reloaded quite quickly.

Tarmaster shows off how fast the gun reloads alongside the size of the mag, before rattling off a few shots in the distance.

Impressively, the in-game Nail Gun actually sounds a lot like the real-world version and the firing rate feels pretty spot-on as well.

While we’re happy that no one has tested the gun’s damage out IRL, one has to wonder if Warzone’s devs over at Raven Software or Treyarch will consider adding a drum magazine. At the moment, the Nail Gun is considered a “specialty” weapon that has zero attachment options. 

It was recently nerfed after being considered OP, so a mag size change could help balance the gun if devs want to take this IRL video as inspiration.

Update (August 2, 8:40 p.m. ET): As a helpful commenter has pointed out, the nail gun used in the TikTok is actually a “roofing nailer,” while Warzone’s is a “framing nailer,” hence the difference in reload styles.

Just in case anyone gets any ideas, no, you should not play with Nail Guns in real life. This TikTok user is a trained professional with years of experience.