Warzone Season 5 leak reveals new Tec-9 will be in CoD for first time ever

Warzone leak reveals Tec-9 coming in Season 5 with new operatorActivision / Valve

Warzone Season 5 is just around the corner and a new season means there will be plenty of new content, and a leak has revealed the newest weapon and operator set to land in Verdansk.

As the end of Season Four is quickly approaching, more and more things are beginning to leak out about Warzone Season Five.

With the current season, the game saw plenty of new additions, such as Red Doors, new weapons, operators, game modes, and more. Season Five is, of course, likely to be no different.

One of the first big leaks comes in the form of  Warzone a pistol that has been used in many other games in its history, the Tec-9.

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Warzone gameplayActivision
A handful of new guns are sure to offset the meta in Warzone Season 5.

Tec-9 leaked for Warzone Season 5

After reported key art for Season 5 hit the internet, showing a new female character sat front and center, players quickly started deciphering the image for additional clues.

Players noticed the operator was holding a weapon resembling the Tec-9, seemingly hinting that it’ll be added in the new season.

If the machine pistol is introduced into Warzone it would be the first time that the pistol has made its way into the Call of Duty franchise.

While it hasn’t featured heavily in Call of Duty before, the Tec-9 is one of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s most famous and controversial side arms of all time.

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Some members of the Warzone community aren’t overly thrilled with the fact that a powerful new pistol looks to be coming to the battle royale, especially if there is an akimbo attachment.

“Akimbo Tec-9?! F**k that,” said one fan. “CoD adding akimbo Tec-9’s on top of all the hackers, they are trying to get people to quit Warzone for good,” added another.

Plenty of Warzone players have chosen to dip out on the battle royale given the hacking epidemic. However, some have argued that with the new season players could come back to play the new content.

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In other gaming titles the Tec-9 has been classified as both a SMG and pistol but at the moment it is unknown what it will be in CoD.  It remains to be seen how Season Five will shake out, and if this will be the deadly new weapon that everyone demands a nerf for.