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Treyarch teases Zombies perk return in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 31/Dec/2020 22:56

by Tanner Pierce


Treyarch have officially teased that the return of the fan-favorite Zombies perk Tombstone Soda is coming to Black Ops Cold War, which would make it the first perk to be added to the game since its November 2020 launch.

While Black Ops Cold War: Zombies brought back many of the most famous perks in the mode’s history, like Juggernog and Speed Cola, there are still some that haven’t been added to the game. Luckily, it seems like at least one other highly touted perk from the series’ past will be coming to the game soon.

Over on Twitter, Treyarch posted a tweet celebrating the end of 2020 and the start of 2021. While that’s relatively normal for game developers, Treyarch took it a step further and seemed to tease that Tombstone Soda would be returning.


Cold War’s Zombies perks come in can form, as shown with the colorful Speed Cola design.

The tweet itself is pretty clear, showing the perk designed as a can, rather than a bottle like all the other iterations of it, signifying that this is indeed for Black Ops Cold War.

In the past, Tombstone Soda, which originally debuted in 2012’s Black Ops II, acts as a way to get back all your items after you’ve gone down. Players could spend 2,000 points, forgo the ability to be revived, and then, once they collect a power-up near where they went down, they’ll receive all the weapons and perks they had before they got knocked.

While it’s not the most simple perk to understand when compared to others, it is pretty useful if you play Zombies matches with other players, as it can allow you to essentially start back right where you left off.


Whether the effect will still be the same in Black Ops Cold War remains to be seen. It wouldn’t be completely unfounded for the effects to be changed up slightly when it releases, especially given the fact that players can upgrade perks in-game.

There’s also no telling when Treyarch will bring the perk to the live title. The developers have already confirmed that a new Zombies map will be coming in Season 2, so it wouldn’t be shocking if Tombstone Soda makes its debut when that map launches. Fans of the popular undead mode will be eager to learn more in 2021.