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Warzone YouTuber reveals “broken” no glint Black Ops Cold War scopes

Published: 31/Dec/2020 19:40

by Tanner Pierce


In a brand new video, Warzone YouTuber ‘JGOD’ revealed some surprising details about the scopes on Black Ops Cold War weapons, including the fact that certain scopes – which probably should have glint – just simply don’t.

When Black Ops Cold War weapons got added to Warzone, as everyone expected, the game changed drastically. Not only did the metagame shift around, but considering all of the BOCW had different attachments from Modern Warfare, players had to learn all the fine-tuned details about each one.

Now, one YouTuber has found out some pretty interesting facts about the scopes on Black Ops Cold War weapons – and unless it gets fixed quite soon, it has the potential to change up how the game is going to be played in the future, according to him.


YouTuber JGOD has done some research about glints on Black Ops Cold War snipers in Warzone.

According to YouTuber JGOD, who posted a video on the subject recently, some of the scopes that you would expect to have scope glint, don’t. At the same time, some optics that you would not expect to have glint, simply do.

Scope glint is a feature that essentially adds a small flash of light to an enemy’s weapon when the player is looking at it from a distance. This helps balance high zoom attachments, helping the player spot enemies that are attempting to snipe them.

In the video, players can clearly see that the 2x-4x scope does indeed have glint, which JGOD says is one that “he did not expect”, considering it’s such a low-zoom weapon – as well as the fact that the standard 4x scope doesn’t have glint.


Two other surprising scopes that don’t have glint are the 6x optic and the 2x-20x scope on sniper rifles. JGOD says that the fact that the latter doesn’t have glint is “shocking,” considering how far players can zoom in on enemies.

It’s currently unknown whether or not the fact that these scopes do/don’t have glint is a bug. It’s hard to imagine that something as high zoom as the 2x-20x doesn’t have a glint, while the 2x-4x does. Here’s hoping Raven addresses this sometime in the future.