TimTheTatman explains why the original MW2 is the “best CoD ever created”

Ryan Lemay

YouTuber TimTheTatman is replaying the original Modern Warfare 2 campaign in preparation for MW2 (2022). The popular YouTuber made a bold claim about the CoD classic.

MW2’s campaign picks up three years after the events of Modern Warfare 2019. Captain Price has assembled TF141, the infamous squad from the original Modern Warfare games.

The central conflict occurs after a United States-issued strike takes out a foreign general, placing the entire country in the crosshairs for revenge.

Infinity Ward showed off MW2 campaign gameplay at Summer Game Fest 2022. The Dark Water mission featured an iconic CoD characters, John’ Soap’ MacTavish & Ghost.

Pre-ordering Modern Warfare 2 digitally grants access to the entire campaign one week early on October 20. There is no better time to go back and play through original MW2 missions.

TimTheTatman makes bold Modern Warfare 2 claim

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Modern Warfare 2 is one of the most highly anticipated CoD games in recent memory.

In TimTheTatman’s August 18 YouTube video, he explained why Modern Warfare 2 is the best CoD game of all time.

“This campaign really was ahead of its time. This is why I think Modern Warfare 2 is the best Call of Duty game ever created.”

The YouTuber played through the iconic mission Exodus, sweeping through a residential neighborhood with the help of a Stryker “Honey Badger.”

TimTheTatman took his time going on detours and examining every minute detail within the houses.

“I am just sitting here thinking about how spoiled I was playing this 13 years ago, the YouTuber said. “This truly was the golden era of Call of Duty and gaming.”

After dying a few times, Tim eventually made it through the mission and was amazed at how well the classic game aged. He concluded by wishing Modern Warfare 2 reaches the same peaks as the original.