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TikTok’s hipfire Milano Warzone loadout is perfect for dominating Rebirth Island

Published: 24/Oct/2021 13:11

by Connor Bennett


A devastating hipfire Milano class is taking over TikTok as Warzone players continue to wreak havoc with the loadout on Rebirth Island. 

SMGs have always had a place in the Warzone meta as they’re perfect for getting around the map at speed, but also destroy enemies in close-quarters fights.

With additional SMGs being added throughout the Black Ops Cold War cycle, players have often switched up their SMG builds. Many have opted for the deadly MAC-10, while others have gone for the AK74-U and OTS 9 following recent changes.

As a result, the Milano – which was the go-to SMG at the start of the year – has become the outside choice, slipping down the popularity charts. However, there are some players who are racking up high kill games with a setup that boosts the Milano’s hipfire effectiveness.


Milano 821 in black ops cold war
The Milano has been one of BOCW’s most notorious guns as an excellent SMG.

The hipfire Milano builds have been getting plenty of love on TikTok from players who focus on Rebirth Island games, simply because it gives them the chance to outplay enemies in incredible fashion.

With the added speed, they can bounce around buildings, leaving enemies confused as to where exactly the sound of footsteps is coming from.

The loadouts focus on four attachments: the Agency Suppressor, Swat 5MW Laser, 55 round drum mag, and Bruiser Grip. The fifth attachment can be whatever you like, but players usually go for either the Wire Stock or Task Force Barrel.

Hipfire Milano Warzone class

  • Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
  • Laser: Swat 5MW Laser
  • Ammunition: 55 round drum mag
  • Grip: Bruiser Grip
  • Stock: Wire Stock

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Some of the posts, which show players getting disgusting team wipes on their foes, have racked up close to a million views, with plenty of viewers commenting that they need to try it for themselves.


As noted, the setup is extremely deadly on Rebirth Island, but can easily work on Verdansk too, though you may want to partner it with something that is a bit more long-range if you make the jump to the original map.