How to move faster in Warzone: OTs 9 loadout gives players a speed boost

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Warzone stats guru and YouTuber ‘TrueGameData’ has revealed how players can maximize their movement speed around Verdansk, giving them a mobility advantage over their foes. 

Warzone’s movement system is fairly typical to any long-time fan of the Call of Duty franchise. It’s far from revolutionary, but there’s still room for the good players to set themselves apart from the rest with some clever movement trickery and innovative agility.

There does seem to be a uniform way to increase your movement speed though, as Warzone content creator and statistician ‘TrueGameData‘ revealed in a September 30 YouTube video.

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No one will be able to catch you if you follow TGD’s advice.

Regardless of your skill level, employing this advice will enable you to maximize your movement speed around Verdansk.

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So, what actually is the advice? Simply, it boils down to using the OTs 9 submachine gun, which has the fastest base sprinting movement speed of any weapon in the game.

Some SMGs – the PPSh and Milano – come close, but the OTs is the only weapon with a base movement speed of over 7 meters per second.

The matter then turns to maximizing this potential speed, which involves messing with the OTs’ attachments. The Patrol Grip, Tiger Team Spotlight, and Spetsnaz PKM Stock will make you as fast as possible.

The other two attachments are up to you, but remember that selecting attachments that have mobility penalties will, naturally, slow you down.

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The main aspect of this advice that could deter players is the fact they are limited to one specific weapon. However, the OTs 9 is far from the worst weapon it could be.

It currently sits in the top 10 most popular Warzone primaries, thanks mainly to its incredible mobility and high close-range damage.

It could yet see nerfs but, for now, drop in and feel like Verdansk’s very own Usain Bolt.