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The best ways to counter Nomad’s Attack Dog in Black Ops 4

Published: 30/Oct/2018 10:29 Updated: 30/Oct/2018 10:30

by Ross Deason


One of more difficult Specialists to counter in Black Ops 4 is Nomad – more specifically, Nomad’s Specialist Ability: the Attack Dog.

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Players using the Nomad Specialist will periodically get the opportunity to “Send out a hound to patrol an area, or call it in to follow you around as a guard dog,” and it’s pretty damn good at killing things.

The Attack Dog can be difficult to hit and has a great deal of health, making it difficult to take down. However, there are a number ways of killing it if you know what you’re doing, as popular YouTuber ‘TheXclusiveAce’ recently explained.


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First, you can use a launcher as your secondary weapon and kill the Attack Dog in one shot, but only if you hit it directly. Miss one shot, and you’re probably going to die!

Another effective counter can be the SG12 shotgun’s operator mod, which is a strobe light. The light can stun the dog for a few seconds on one occasion, but it only works once and there’s a good chance you won’t have the weapon in your loadout.

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Other ways of eliminating the K-9 unit quicker include the Mozu pistol’s operator mod, the high caliber attachment on various items and stunning the dog (or using Ajax’s 9-Bang) for long enough to take it down.


Other Specialist abilities and equipment, like the War Machine, Ajax’s Ballistic Shield, Trip Mines, Razor Wire and more are strong against the dog, but require you to have them available when the canine is running towards you.

In fact, if you or your team have any Razor Wire on the map, you can simply stand inside it and the dog won’t attack you at all, making it one of the easiest counters.

TheXclusiveAce does demonstrate a way of avoiding the dog without any special weapons or attachments though – simply jumping to the side as it attacks and shooting it in the back as it recovers!


You can check out the full video below. The ‘dancing around the dog’ technique is shown at the 10:35 mark.