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Best ways to move faster in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Published: 29/Oct/2018 18:25 Updated: 29/Oct/2018 18:35

by Wyatt Donigan


Moving around the map quickly is essential to any first-person shooter and Black Ops 4 is no different, as moving as fast as possible can be the difference between winning and losing.

Since the release of Black Ops 4 on October 12, players have been experimenting with different setups to determine the best ways to play in every situation.

From attachments to gun setups to the best perks, almost every question has been answered when it comes to Black Ops 4 Multiplayer.

One thing that hadn’t been touched on thus far, however, was the best ways to move faster when playing Multiplayer.

Thankfully, ‘TheXclusiveAce’ is back with another video that goes in-depth on the best methods for getting around your favorite maps much quicker. All of his tips aren’t listed here, so be sure to check out the video to get the full rundown.

Unsurprisingly, the best way to simply move faster without utilizing any sort of slide techniques is with the Lightweight perk.

While lightweight gives you a bit less of a boost than in previous games, the perk still gives you a straight up 4.5% boost, making it a must-have if your goal is to simply run faster.

If you don’t want to use Lightweight since you prefer using Gung-Ho or another perk in that slot, you can utilize TheXclusiveAce’s “Jump, Slide, Jump” method for a 3% boost without the use of any perks. All you have to do is jump into a slide and then jump out of a slide to easily receive this slight boost. 

Now, if you really want to move faster, you can add in the above method with the Lightweight and Dexterity perks for a massive 10% boost, allowing you to get to the pivotal points on the map much faster than your opposition.

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Call of Duty

Iconic Call of Duty Raid map spotted in Black Ops Cold War files

Published: 2/Dec/2020 2:24

by Brad Norton


Eight years after its introduction in the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 2’s Raid could finally be returning in a mainline entry as files for the iconic map have been uncovered in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch’s fan-favorite Black Ops 2 released in 2012. Since then, we’ve seen eight new titles come and go. In that gap, Raid has only made one other appearance in a global title, that title being Call of Duty Mobile.

While other maps have been rereleased countless times, including seven remakes of Nuketown alone, Raid has been left in the past. However, that’s about to change according to the latest leaks.

After an extended period in the shadows, Raid could finally be thrown back into the spotlight soon. Dataminers have uncovered a line of code relating to the map in Black Ops Cold War, suggesting that we’ll see it return in Season 1.

As a huge influx of Season 1 content slipped through the cracks on December 1, one key line stood out from the pack. ‘S1_map_raid_tu_cairo’ was plucked directly from the latest version of Black Ops Cold War.

Obviously, this doesn’t outright confirm Raid is a guarantee for the next Season. This is the first official reference to the map in quite some time, though, so it’s safe to assume Treyarch has been working to bring it back to life.

Black Ops 2 Raid gameplay
Raid might finally be back in a mainline CoD title for the first time since 2012.

The original map quickly became a favorite for its unique design. There were distinct sections that paved the way for vast combat opportunities. Both close-range and long-range loadouts could feel right at home on Raid. On one side you had a wide-open area with a high ground advantage for one team next to a  

On the other, you had a circular area perfect for flanking opportunities. Meanwhile, in the middle lane, you’d often catch snipers peeking across from either side in a near-symmetrical layout.

One of the more interesting tidbits from this datamine is the final word. Cairo is the capital of Egypt. The original version of Raid was set in Los Angeles. So when we see this new version, it could have a fresh coat of paint to fit the locale. 

Black Ops 2 Raid gameplay
Expect to see snipers hanging out across the basketball courts if Raid drops with Season One in Cold War.

It was an extremely popular competitive map throughout the year of its initial release. Given it worked quite well with essentially all objective-based game modes. From Hardpoint to Search and Destroy, Raid was often a favored pick.

Season One of Black Ops Cold War kicks off on December 10. There’s no confirmation we’ll see Raid in-game from this point on, so do take this leak with a grain of salt until then.