Team Rated wins Symfuhny Showdown $50k Warzone tournament

Symfuhny Showdown Warzone tournament logoActivision/Symfuhny

Team Rated won a prime cut of $50,000 after taking home first place in the Warzone Symfuhny Showdown tournament. Their trio team dominated with 83 kills over five custom games.

  • Rated wins Warzone Symfuhny Showdown by 56 points.
  • Almond took home tournament MVP for $3,000.
  • DenxH was banned mid-tournament.

The Symfuhny Showdown was a Trios custom lobby tournament played across five games, a score multiplayer based on placements, and a couple of banned items like Dead Silence.

The tournament featured a bit of everything in hours of nonstop action. From item controversies to a player getting banned halfway through, the Symfuhny Showdown had it all.

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Symfuhny Showdown Warzone tournament results & recap

The Symfuhny Showdown was a huge tournament that only rewarded the best of the best as no one outside of the top three got to touch the prize pool.

Team Rated, which included Mayappo and Ottereyes, came out and obliterated the playing field with 169.74 points. This was thanks to the team’s 83 kills over the course of the five games as well as securing a top-5 placement in each game. Their placings gave them a 1.7 multiplier for each round. They took home $27,000 of the prize pool.

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While the battle for first wasn’t much of a fight, Team JoeWo and Team ScummN were in an intense race for third place. This was important as only the top three would take home cash from this event.

The final game was looking good for ScummN’s squad to rally enough points, but they got killed by a player using Dead Silence. However, Dead Silence was banned from the tournament and instead of a full replay of the map, the team that killed ScummN and company just lost points, while ScummN and company didn’t get another chance to earn any. UnRationaL was very unhappy with the ruling and took his frustration to Twitter.

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Outside of the top three, Almond took home the remaining $3,000 of the prize pool by racking up the most kills in the tournament. He had 31 kills over the five games but his team finished in fifth place with 98 points.

While Rated’s team headlined the event with one of the more dominating wins, there were highlights from the start. A clear bright spot was in Game 1, when FaZe Booya clutched an improbable game-winning gunfight to the delight of his trio.

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But there was also even more controversy, like when Team YKT Deleo’s player got banned in the middle of the tournament. After winning a Gulag against SuperEvan, DenxH shot his body which led to people hate raiding his teammate’s stream.

DenxH’s teammate, Jaay read a homophobic slur that was used in his chat, which led to DenxH getting banned on Twitch and the tournament. His team would go on to finish 27th out of 39 teams.

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Symfuhny Showdown Warzone tournament final placements

Placement Teams Points Prize
1st Team Rated 169.74 $27,000
2nd Team Aydan 113.6 $15,000
3rd Team JoeWo 107.1 $15,000
4th Team ScummN 98.7 $0
5th Team Tommey 98 $0

Symfuhny Showdown $50k Warzone tournament format

The Symfuhny Showdown was a trios custom tournament, meaning the best teams of 3 in the world faced off against one another to juke it out for the grand prize.

Symfuhny Showdown $50k Warzone tournament teams

The Showdown’s lineups were absolutely stacked, with some intriguing new teams. Instead of playing with his duo Rated, Aydan played with the UK phenoms Jukeyz and Fifakill.

And, of course, you can’t ignore the CDL pros who stepped in during their offseason. Guys like iLLeY and Shotzzy competed and were interesting to watch.

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Symfuhny Showdown Trios
Rated, Mayappo, Ottereyes WarsZ, Skullface, Breadman Crowder, Nico, Priestahh
Swagg, Booya, Santana Aydan, Fifakill, Jukeyz Gangstazsalute, DougIsRaw, AlmightyTJM
Destroy, Royalize, Med1cine
Flxnked, Slacked, Apathy Intechs, ScummN, Unrational
iSmixie, ?, ? LouiCM, Prxdigy, Lenun Rivs, braalik, exzachtt
Stukawaki, zColorss, zSmit Finessen, ?, ? Its_Iron, Yeet, Wagnificent
Tommey, Almond, Newbz JoeWo, Frozone, aHTracT SuperEvan, Repullze, LuckyChamu
JHaZe, Cheen, Envader iLLeY, Piemxn, Shotzzy Drazah, Envoy, Arcitys

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