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Warzone Stadium code: How to get access to Stadium doors & keycards locations

Published: 25/Oct/2021 15:38

by Sam Smith


The Stadium in Verdansk didn’t reveal all its secrets in season 5. Here’s how to use the Warzone Stadium door codes to unlock the remaining areas.

By the time season 5 of Call of Duty Warzone rolled around, Activision opened the doors in the Warzone Stadium, finally letting players see inside. However, this didn’t include every door. Some of them remained closed needing a keycard or a code to be unlocked. These Warzone Stadium door codes can be found by collecting three keycards and unlocking the three doors they are designed for.

With each door that players open, they get one more piece of the puzzle to opening the final door and the rewards within. However, even when players have these codes, there’s still work to be done before the fourth and final door can be opened. Here’s how to find every keycard, code, and open all four doors.



warzone verdansk
Verdansk is where you’ll find the Stadium.

Warzone Stadium door access cards explained

Before the Warzone Stadium door codes can be used though, you’ll need to find the access keycards for each door. These spawn in the Stadium and each card always appears on a certain level. The good news is each card corresponds to the floor it’s found on with its first two letters/digits.

The cards will be clearly labeled P216, CL19, and EL21 and each one can be found on the following level:

  • EL = Executive level
  • Cl = Concourse level
  • P2 = Parking level two

This way, depending on the floor you’re on, you’ll know which card is likely to spawn. Should you struggle to find a card, then it may mean a player has already found it. This means you’ll either need to wait until the next game or get it off that player by taking them out.


Opening the first three Warzone Stadium doors

Once you’ve gathered the relevant keycard, you can use it to open the corresponding door. The P216 key card unlocks the door on Parking level two and so on. Upon entering the room you’ll find a selection of loot boxes behind them. However, this isn’t the main prize. Once you’ve plundered the available loot, turn your attention to the monitor.

This is where it’s helpful to have another player helping you, or if you’re solo, use a pen and paper to write down what you see on the screen. This is because the code displayed will be crucial to decoding the fourth Warzone Stadium door.


first door warzone stadium
Inside one of the open doors.

How to use the Warzone Stadium door codes

Once you’ve acquired the relevant access codes from each of the three rooms, you’ll now need to decode the final Warzone Stadium door. The bad news is that the codes change for each game, so there’s no single code that works all the time. The door will need to be decoded on each individual occasion. The good news is we can tell you how to work it out.

If you have visited all three rooms and collected each key card, then this is a relatively simple task. If you only have two, you can still guess your way in by using a process of elimination until you get the right digit. It’s going to be between 0 to 9. But for the sake of this guide let’s assume you’ve gathered all three.


You’ll now have three codes that look something like the below, each one will be a mixture of numbers and letters. Be mindful, the below codes are examples and won’t work in-game:

  • Stadium door code 1: 5NLW3HL
  • Stadium door code 2: G26WW4L
  • Stadium door code 3: G2LWW47

Each of the letters or symbols represents a hidden number. G may represent 3 or N could mean 6 and so on. The question then becomes which letter represents which number? To find out, see where the numbers fall when compared to the other two codes and a pattern will soon emerge. Some will be obvious but others will need a little more scrutiny.

This is why the more codes you have, the easier it is to decode the final Warzone Stadium door. So, if you have all three codes, you’ll have the numbers you need and it’s just a case of working out which number represents which letter. It’s always guesswork, but the more codes you have the easier that guesswork becomes.


Warzone stadium code
You’ll end up with a seven-digit code to type in here.

Inside the final Warzone Stadium door

Once you’ve worked out what the numbers are, you can input the seven-digit code in the final locked door on the Warzone Stadium’s 2nd floor. Inside you’ll find Enigma CR56 AMAX’s blueprint.

Be warned though, unlocking the final door will set off fireworks on the Stadium’s roof. While this is a nice touch, it will alert all other players to your location. Get your loot and get out of there.